Both me and my wife attended a function at Pudsey Masonic Hall and were wonderfully entertained by Julieanna. Both of us along with the other audience were enthralled with the quality of her voice and the way she sang.

She was an absolute delight to listen to and I would certainly repeat the experience again, in fact I now have a disc which she made and enjoy her music whenever the mood takes me.

Mr J.J.A Ringrose 

Mr T. Reviews

On stage was the lovely Julieanna who was dressed in a long black velvet gown which was adorned with some glitter, (Lts).

Julieanna is a Classical  trained singer who can reach notes other can only dream of.


Some of her well chosen songs tonight included. ‘One Night Only’ from the Dream Girls show, Petula Clark’s. ‘I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love’. The song that everyone in the club liked was the one from Les Miserable, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’. There were many others with which Julieanna had her audience captivated...

Mr N. Taylor

Julieanna is amazing !

She has beautifully sung for Dementia Friendly Todmorden on several occasions where she has brought happiness, joy and memory recall to many people who live with Dementia to which I and the volunteers of Dementia Friendly Todmorden are very grateful,.

A fantastic voice for all to appreciate.

Thank you !!! Inspector Neil Taylor of West Yorkshire Police

Peter Smith

Julieanna has visited us at Tea Cosy Memory Cafe many times.She has a rapport with audiences of all ages and engages well with all those with varying issues.She has a fantastic range of songs to entertain,and has the ability to involve everyone.Usually with any entertainment it takes time for the audience to be involved,with Julie it is within seconds.

Peter Smith  BEM.  Founder Of Tea Cosy Memory Cafe

Rothwell Leeds.